Galveston Bay RV Resort

2000 Tri-Cities Beach Rd  †  Baytown, TX  77523
Office  281-420-3200  †  Fax  281-427-3842
Lat: 29° 41' 59" 70° N  †  Lon: 94° 56' 38" 79° W

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Policy on Children

As of June 1, 2014, the Resort is an “Adult Only” property.  We will not be accepting new registrations where children will be staying on the property full time.

On this date we have a few families in the Park who do have children there full time.  They will be allowed to stay.

Children may visit for ONE WEEK PER MONTH during the summer.

Children who will be visiting must be listed on your registration documents.

While visiting, all children are subject to all of the Park’s rules.  You as the registered guest are responsible:  1) to inform them of these rules, 2) for their safety while on the property, and 3) for their actions while on the property.

When children will be visiting, you must notify the office by email.  Tell us who is coming and for how long.  We need to know who is on the property.

You can email the information to: