Galveston Bay RV Resort
Baytown, Texas

2000 Tri City Beach Rd  †  Zip  77523
Office  281-420-3200  †  Fax  281-427-3842
Lat: 29° 41' 59" 70° N  †  Lon: 94° 56' 38" 79° W

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I can leave my belongings here, without worry of them disappearing while I’m gone.  I can work nights, and not worry about my wife walking the dog while I am at work.
                                                        John Whitley
                                                        current guest


Sites Available
Suitable for 45’ Rigs

Night Security
500’ Lighted Fishing Pier
2 Vehicle Parking
Extra Parking available for toys
Electric - 12.5 cents



Since 1/1/2014

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July Special
$400 First Month

Any Site

New WiFi System
BEST in Baytown
Streaming or Gaming possible